Aircraft Assembler(# 6+ months)

Location: Kinston, NC
Date Posted: 01-30-2014

This role is to function as a Aircraft Assembler.
Please let me know your interest in applying for this job. Please send your resume along with your contact details to
Contract Period: 6+ months
Number of Positions:   10
On-site work location: Kinston, NC
Hours per Week  40
Job Description Summary
Performs a variety of tasks ranging from repetitive to non-repetitive production assembly operations on electronic and/or mechanical assemblies and subassemblies such as modules, boards, panels, drawers, frames, and cables. Works from diagrams and drawings, makes initial layouts, and uses hand and/or power tools, jigs, and saws. Makes continuity checks on work in process and completed. May conduct quality inspections on processing line in accordance with quality specifications. May disassemble, modify, rework, reassemble, and test experimental or prototype assemblies and subassemblies according to specifications and under simulated conditions.
The Company will provide appropriate assistance in job training to enable employees to perform all necessary job functions including the following:
1.      Work with blueprints, changes, specifications, work orders, etc. to assemble and install to quality requirements parts and assemblies.
2.      Complete required data gathering transactions to facilitate assembly progression.
3.      Setup and perform all manual and automated assembly operations, and portable machine functions required to accomplish assignments.
4.      Perform any and all required pickup, rework, fabrication, change incorporation, functional testing or check during or after final assembly and/or assembly progression.
5.      Move and/or obtain correct parts, materials, tools, assemblies, etc.
6.      Use precision measuring instruments required to accomplish work assignments.
7.      Report and/or investigate job handicaps such as: errors in parts, assembly procedures, tools, sequences, etc.
8.      Perform routine minor machine maintenance as part of their daily work duties (e.g., where applicable, replacing machine filters, changing standard light bulbs on machines and equipment, maintaining lubrication/coolant levels, etc. as related to basic Total Preventative Maintenance duties).
9.      Routinely move product within the immediate manufacturing work area, including across isle, using shop assigned equipment as required, and complete transactions necessary to move product to the next operation. On an exception basis, move product to the next operation within a building.
10.     Support the continuous flow of product within the manufacturing process by training, coaching and assisting employees of all classification levels.
11.     Document any discrepancies according to specification, process, and procedure.
12.     Cross trains in inspection and becomes SIA qualified.
In addition, each employee may be asked, on occasion, to complete other duties and responsibilities as required by client leadership.  Training and certification will be provided for the additional work when required.
Level C
1.      Place vacuum and pressure bags over and inside wrapped parts and tools, and test for leaks.
2.      Cut fabrics and composite materials to size using knives, shears, automated material cutters etc.
3.      Hand and machine finish parts to required tolerances and fit into completed assemblies.
4.      Drill, saw, file, sand, pot, patch, build up, trim, fit and rivet parts to meet production requirements.
5.      Sand, polish molds and/or bond assembly tools to obtain smooth surfaces.
6.      Load, unload and operate ovens in the curing of parts and assemblies.
7.      Apply parting agents to molds and bond assembly tools.
8.      Mix and apply bonding adhesives to details and assemblies using films, spray, pour coating, roller coating and robotics equipment.
Spray and brush priming.

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